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The Benefits of Algae Resistant Shingles For Homes In Slidell

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There's a brand new asphalt shingle that homeowners in Slidell are raving over. GAF has introduced their StainGuard Plus ™ shingles, a wonderful alternative to standard asphalt shingles. This roofing material is specifically made to resist algae stains, and that is a very big deal here in Louisiana.

If it's time for you to choose new asphalt roof shingles for a roof replacement in Slidell, you'll want to learn more about the algae-resistant shingles from GAF. Here's what you need to know.

What Most Black Roof Stains Really Are

Most black roof stains are the result of a blue-green algae named Gloeocapsa magma. While you may think the stains are the actual algae, they are the byproduct that algae leaves behind after it feeds on the limestone in asphalt shingles or other materials.

Honestly, if you have a home in Slidell and choose standard asphalt shingles, you might as well go with the darkest color you can find to camouflage the ugliness of the black algae roof stains you are bound to get!

Time-Release Algae-Resistant Asphalt Shingles

It's hard to imagine that manufacturers have figured out how to put time-release technology into asphalt shingles, just like they've done in pills. The GAF algae-resistant shingles work in the same way. Here's how they work.

Traditional asphalt shingles are made with copper granules that are released in an uncontrolled manner. As time passes, the granules are released less and less. The algae-resistant shingles are made with time-release capsules that release thousands of copper particles, releasing 10 times more according to GAF studies. They slowly and steadily release the right amount of copper over a longer period of time.

Consistent Roof Beauty

Algae-resistant roof shingles offer long-term beauty for any roof in Slidell. This is the biggest reason why our customers in Slidell choose the algae-resistant asphalt shingle. While all the houses in your neighborhood get blackened and stained by algae, yours will still be beautiful.

Because of the time-release technology of these shingles, the shingle color stays very consistent. You won't see algae stains in one certain area or a roof covered in stain patches. You'll have one beautiful and consistent roof color all over.

Longer Lasting Roof System

If you see algae stains on your roof, they using your asphalt shingles as food. It may take a year or two, but the shingles will deteriorate until they are weakened to the point of no return. The algae-resistant shingles last longer, which means you'll have fewer repairs and a longer-lasting roofing system for your New Orleans home.

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