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Know When to Invest in a Roof Replacement in New Orleans

The condition of your roof has a direct impact on not only the look but also the level of safety in your home. To keep your New Orleans home looking great and, more importantly, to keep it strong, stay on top of your roof repair needs. Otherwise, you and your loved ones might wind up being blindsided by the issues that an old roof can present:

● Roof collapse
● Mold growth
● Structural weakening

Now, you may be asking yourself just how you'll be able to tell when your roof needs a replacement? You don't need to rack your brain over that question, though: instead, you can simply give this article a quick read. In it, we detail just three of the most common signs you're bound to notice when you get to the point where a roof replacement becomes necessary.

Shingle Issues

Homeowners with shingle roofing are at an advantage when they need to discern whether they need a roof replacement. After all, such homeowners will be able to determine that their roof is ready to go if they notice any of the following issues:

● Missing shingles
● Buckled or curling shingles
● Shingle granules in gutters

Advanced Roof Age

Some roofs can last upwards of 50 years—some 100 years. Unfortunately, even the longest- lasting roof won't last forever, and at some point, your old roof is going to have to go. Fortunately, most roofs have about the same level of longevity, so the age of your roof is a pretty easy way to gauge when you should expect to need a roof replacement. Just start budgeting once your roof is a few years shy of its projected age limit.

Increased Need for Roof Repairs

The occasional need for a roof repair is nothing to get too worried about, as your roof suffers every day because of age and weather conditions. What IS worth worrying about is when the need for repairs become the norm. If you find yourself investing in roof repairs more than once a year, it's time to redirect your money toward a replacement.

We'll Be Here to Handle Your Next Roof Repair

Have you detected any of these three telltale signs? If you have, don't hesitate to get on the line with Blueprint Roofing & Construction ASAP. Our top-rated roofing company in New Orleans will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to get your old roof replaced with a stunning new once that's guaranteed to give you many decades of dependable use.

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